User’s Guide : Basic Single Equation Analysis : Basic Regression Analysis : Equation Objects
Equation Objects
Single equation regression estimation in EViews is performed using the equation object. To create an equation object in EViews: select Object/New Object.../Equation or Quick/Estimate Equation… from the main menu, or simply type the keyword equation in the command window.
Next, you will specify your equation in the Equation Specification dialog box that appears, and select an estimation method. Below, we provide details on specifying equations in EViews. EViews will estimate the equation and display results in the equation window.
The estimation results are stored as part of the equation object so they can be accessed at any time. Simply open the object to display the summary results, or to access EViews tools for working with results from an equation object. For example, you can retrieve the sum-of-squares from any equation, or you can use the estimated equation as part of a multi-equation model.