Command Reference : Add-ins
In “EViews Programming”, we explained how you can put commands in program files to repeat tasks, produce a record of your research project, or augment the built-in features of EViews.
This chapter describes Add-ins, which extend the utility of the programming tools by providing seamless access to programs from the standard EViews menus and command line. Creating an Add-in is a simple procedure and involves little more than defining a command and menu items for your existing EViews program.
Keep in mind that Add-ins aren’t just for EViews programmers. Even if you have never written an EViews program, you may take advantage of these tools by installing prepackaged Add-ins from the S&P EViews website or from third-parties. Once installed, Add-ins can provide you with user-defined features that are virtually indistinguishable from built-in EViews features.