Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Alpha
Declare an alpha series object.
The alpha command creates and optionally initializes an alpha series, or modifies an existing series.
alpha ser_name
alpha ser_name=formula
The alpha command should be followed by either the name of a new alpha series, or an explicit or implicit expression for generating the series. If you create a series and do not initialize it, the series will be filled with the blank string “”.
alpha x = "initial value"
creates a series named X filled with the text “initial value.”
Once an alpha is declared, you need not include the alpha keyword prior to entering the formula (optionally, you may use Alpha::genr with a previously created alpha series). The following example generates an alpha series named VAL that takes value “Low” if either INC is less than or equal to 5000 or EDU is less than 13, and “High” otherwise:
alpha val
val = @recode(inc<=5000 or edu<13, "High", "Low")
If FIRST and LAST are alpha series containing first and last names, respectively, the commands:
alpha name = first + " " + last
genr name = name + " " + last
create an alpha series containing the full names.
See “Alpha Series” for additional discussion.
See also Alpha::genr.