Command Reference : Command Reference
Copy one or more series from the DRI Basic Economics database to EViews data bank (.DB) files.
You must have the DRI database installed on your computer to use this feature.
ccopy series_name
Type the name of the series or wildcard expression for series you want to copy after the ccopy keyword. The data bank files will be stored in the default directory with the same name as the series names in the DRI database. You can supply path information to indicate the directory for the data bank files.
The command:
ccopy lhur
copies the DRI series LHUR to “Lhur.DB file in the default path directory.
ccopy b:gdp c:\nipadata\gnet
copies the GDP series to the “Gdp.DB” file in the “b:” drive and the GNET series to the “Gnet.DB” file in “c:\nipadata.
See also cfetch, clabel, store, fetch.