Command Reference : Command Reference
Change default directory.
The cd command changes the current default working directory. The current working directory is displayed in the “Path=...” message in the bottom right of the EViews window.
Note that the default directory is not used for processing of include files (see include).
cd path_name
To change the default directory to “sample data” in the “a:” drive, you may issue the command:
cd "a:\sample data"
Notice that the directory name is surrounded by double quotes. If your name does not contain spaces, you may omit the quotes. The command:
cd a:\test
changes the default directory toa:\test.
cd “<myonedrive>:\test
changes the default directory to the cloud location, MYONEDRIVE.
Subsequent save operations will save into the default directory, unless you specify a different directory at the time of the operation.
See “Workfile Basics” for further discussion of basic operations in EViews.
See also “include”, wfsave, pagesave, and save.