Command Reference : Command Reference
Deletes objects from a workfile or a database.
delete(options) arg1 [arg2 arg3 ...]
Follow the keyword by a list of the names of any objects you wish to remove from the current workfile. Deleting does not remove objects that have been stored on disk in EViews database files.
Do not error if the object doesn’t exist.
You can delete an object from a database by prefixing the name with the database name and a double colon. You can use a pattern to delete all objects from a workfile or database with names that match the pattern. Use the “?” to match any one character and the “*” to match zero or more characters.
If you use delete in a program file, EViews will delete the listed objects without prompting you to confirm each deletion.
To delete all objects in the workfile with names beginning with “TEMP”, you may use the command:
delete temp*
To delete the objects CONS and INVEST from the database MACRO1, use:
delete macro1::cons macro1::invest
See “Object Commands” for a discussion of working with objects.
See “EViews Databases” for a discussion of EViews databases.