Command Reference : Command Reference
Append contents of the specified workfile page to the active workfile page.
pageappend(options) wfname[\pgname] [object_list]
where wfname is the name of a workfile that is currently in memory. You may optionally provide the name of a page in wfname that you wish to used as a source, and the list of objects to be read from the source workfile page. If no wfname is provided, EViews will use the default page in the source workfile.
The command appends the contents of the source page to the active page in the default workfile. The target page is first unstructured (if necessary) and its range is expanded to encompass the combined range of the sample from the source workfile page, and the destination page.
The default behavior is to append all series and alpha objects (but not other types) from the source page, but the optional object_list may be provided to specify specific series, or to specify objects other than series or alpha objects to be included. Command options may also be used to modify the list of objects to be included.
Note that since this operation is performed in place, the original workfile page cannot be recovered. We recommend that you consider backing up your original page using pagecopy.
Specifies an optional sample identifying which observations from the source page are to be appended. Either provide the sample range in double quotes or specify a named sample object. The default is “@all”.
Specifies that all objects (including non-series and non-alpha objects) should be appended. For objects other than series and alphas, appending involves simply copying the objects from the source page to the destination page. This option may not be used with an explicit object_list specification.
Specifies that only series and alphas in the append page that match series and alphas of the same name in the active page should be appended. This option may not be used with “allobj” or with an explicit object_list specification.
sufix=suffix_arg (default=“_a”)
Specifies a string to be added to the end of the source object name, if necessary, to avoid name collision when creating a new object in the target page.
Provides the name of a series used to hold the date or observation ID of each observation in the destination workfile.
Provides the name of a (boolean) series to hold an indicator of the source for each observation in the destination workfile (0, if from the destination; 1, if from the source).
pageappend updates
appends, to the default workfile page, all of observations in all of the series in the active page of the workfile UPDATES.
pageappend(match, smpl="1999 2003") updates
restricts the series to those which match (by name) those in the default workfile page, and restricts the observations to merge to those between 1999 and 2003.
pageappend newdat\page1 income cons
takes only the INCOME and CONS series from the PAGE1 of the NEWDATA workfile, and appends them to the current workfile page.
pageappend(alltypes, suffix="_1") mydata
appends all objects from MYDATA, merging series with matching names, and renaming other matching objects by appending “_1” to the end of the name.
See “Appending to a Workfile” for discussion.
See also pagecopy.