Command Reference : Command Reference
Set parameter values.
Allows you to set the current values of coefficient vectors. The command may be used to provide starting values for the parameters in nonlinear least squares, nonlinear system estimation, and (optionally) ARMA estimation.
param coef_name1 number1 [coef_name2 number2 coef_name3 number3…]
List, in pairs, the names of the coefficient vector and its element number followed by the corresponding starting values for any of the parameters in your equation.
param c(1) .2 c(2) .1 c(3) .5
resets the first three values of the coefficient vector C.
coef(3) beta
param beta(2) .1 beta(3) .5
The first line declares a coefficient vector BETA of length 3 that is initialized with zeros. The second line sets the second and third elements of BETA to 0.1 and 0.5, respectively.
See “Starting Values” for a discussion of setting initial values in nonlinear estimation.