Command Reference : Command Reference
Sends views of objects to the default printer.
print(options) object1 [object2 object3 …]
print(options) object_name.view_command
print should be followed by a list of object names or a view of an object to be printed. The list of names must be of the same object type. If you do not specify the view of an object, print will print the default view for the object.
Print in portrait orientation.
Print in landscape orientation.
The default orientation is set by clicking on Print Setup.
print gdp log(gdp) d(gdp) @pch(gdp)
sends a table of GDP, log of GDP, first difference of GDP, and the percentage change of GDP to the printer.
print graph1 graph2 graph3
prints three graphs on a single page.
To merge the three graphs, realign them in one row, and print in landscape orientation, you may use the commands:
graph mygra.merge graph1 graph2 graph3
print(l) mygra
To estimate the equation EQ1 and send the output view to the printer.
print gdp c gdp(-1)
See “Print Setup” for a discussion of print options and the Print Setup dialog.
See output for print redirection.