Command Reference : Command Reference
Rename an object in the active workfile or database.
rename old_name new_name [old_name1 new_name1 [old_name2 new_name2 [...]]]
After the rename keyword, list the pairs of old object names followed by the new names. Note that the name specifications may include matching wildcard patterns.
rename temp_u u2
renames an object named TEMP_U as U2.
rename aa::temp_u aa::u2
renames the object TEMP_U to U2 in database AA.
rename a* b*
renames all objects beginning with the letter “A” to begin with the letter “B”.
rename a1 a2 b1 b2
renames A1 to A2 and B1 to B2.
See “Object Basics” for a discussion of working with objects in EViews.