Command Reference : Command Reference
Generate uniform random integers.
The rndint command fills series, vector, and matrix objects with (pseudo) random integers drawn uniformly from zero to a user specified maximum. The rndint command ignores the current sample and fills the entire object with random integers.
rndint(object_name, n)
Type the name of the series, vector, or matrix object to fill, followed by an integer value representing the maximum value n of the random integers. n should a positive integer.
series index
fills the entire series INDEX with integers drawn randomly from 0 to 10. Note that unlike standard series assignment using genr, rndint ignores the current sample and fills the series for the entire workfile range.
sym(3) var3
fills the entire symmetric matrix VAR3 with random integers ranging from 0 to 5.
See the list of available random number generators in “Statistical Distribution Functions”.
See also nrnd, rnd and rndseed.