Command Reference : Working with Tables and Spreadsheets : Exporting Tables to Files
Exporting Tables to Files
You may use the table Table::save procedure to save the table to disk as an Excel 2007 XLSX, CSV, tab-delimited ASCII text, RTF, HTML, Enhanced Metafile, LaTeX, PDF, or Markdown file.
You must specify a file name and an optional file type, and may also provide options to specify the cells to be saved, text to be written for NA values, and precision with which numbers should be written. RTF and HTML files also allow you to save the table in a different size than the current display. If a file type is not provided, EViews will write a CSV file.
For example:, n="NAN") mytable
saves TAB1 in the default directory as a CSV file “Mytable.CSV”, with NA values translated to the text “NAN”.
Alternately, the command:, t=html, s=.5) c:\data\MyTab2
saves the specified cells in TAB1 as an HTML file to “Mytab2.HTM” in the directory “c:\data”. The table is saved at half of the display size.