User’s Guide : EViews Fundamentals : EViews Databases : Database Overview
Database Overview
An EViews database is a set of files containing a collection of EViews objects. In this chapter we describe how to:
Create a new database or open an existing database.
Work with objects in the database, including how to store and fetch objects into workfiles, and how to copy, rename and delete objects in the database.
Use auto-series to work with data directly from the database without creating a copy of the data in the workfile.
Use the database registry to create shortcuts for long database names and to set up a search path for series names not found in the workfile.
Perform a query on the database to get a list of objects with particular properties.
Use object aliases to work with objects whose names are illegal or awkward.
Maintain a database with operations such as packing, copying, and repairing.
Work with remote database links to access data from remote sites.