Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Equation
Create an equation object with the underlying fixed-effects estimation of a difference-in-difference equation.
For panel equations estimated using the difference-in-difference method.
eq_name.didmakeeq new_eqname
You should follow the didmakeeq keyword with the name of the new estimated equation with an equivalent specification to be created in the workfile.
equation eq1.did asmrs @ post
eq1.didmakeeq eq_underlying
estimates an equation by difference-in-difference with ASMRS as the outcome variable, and POST as the treatment variable, and then creates the underlying fixed effects estimation in the equation object EQ_UNDERLYING
See “Difference-in-Difference Estimation” for a discussion of difference-in-difference models.
See also Equation::didgbdecomp, Equation::didcs, and Equation::didtrends.