Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Geomap
Create series containing linked attribute values from the shapefile.
Saves the values of the specified attributes linked to each observation in the workfile in series.
geomap_name.makeattrser attr_name [series_name]
geomap_name.makeattrser(options) attr_name1 series_name1 [attr_name2 series_name2 ... ]
geomap_name.makeattrser(options) @all [name_pattern]
You must first provide attr_name, the name of an attribute that exists in the shapefile. You may optionally provide a name for the series in the workfile to hold the linked values for the attribute. By default, EViews will use the attribute name for the series, or will construct a valid EViews name from the series.
If you wish to save linked values for more than one attribute in the shapefile, you should enter the names in pairs. You may optionally provide a name for a group to contain the series.
You may instruct EViews to save all of the attributes by using the keyword “@all”. EViews will attempt to use the attribute name for the series, unless you provide a wildcard pattern, in which case, EViews will construct the name from the pattern and the attribute names.
(optional) Name of group to contain the saved attribute series.
gmap1.makeattrser(n=grp1) @all
will create attribute series corresponding to all of the attribute types in the shapefile, using the names of the attributes for the series names.
gmap1.makeattrser rainfall rfall
will create an attribute series RFALL containing the linked values of the “rainfall” attribute.
gmap1.makeattrser ranfall rfall population pop acreage size
will create the series RFALL, POP, and SIZE in the workfile, and will fill these series with the “rainfall”, “population”, and “acreage” attributes from the shapefile.
See “Geomaps” for a discussion of geomaps.