User’s Guide : Basic Data Analysis : Groups : Label
This view displays the label information of the group. You can edit any of the field cells in the label view, except the Last Update cell which shows the date/time the group was last modified.
Name is the group object name as it appears in the workfile; you can rename your group by editing this cell. If you fill in the Display Name cell, EViews will use this name in some of the tables and graphs of the group view. Unlike object names, display names preserve case (allow upper and lower case letters) and may contain spaces.
You may click in the left-hand cell above the Remarks field to define a custom attribute for use in the workfile details view and for database search. To define a custom label, enter the name of your attribute in the left-hand cell, and the attribute value in the right-hand cell. See “Adding Custom Attributes in the Label View” for discussion.
See “EViews Databases” for a discussion of the label fields and their use in database searches.