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What is EViews?
EViews provides sophisticated data analysis, regression, and forecasting tools on Windows-based computers. With EViews you can quickly develop a statistical relation from your data and then use the relation to forecast future values of the data. Areas where EViews has proven to be useful include: scientific data analysis and evaluation, financial analysis, macroeconomic forecasting, simulation, sales forecasting, and cost analysis.
EViews is a new version of a set of tools for manipulating time series data originally developed in the Time Series Processor software for large computers. The predecessor of EViews was MicroTSP, first released in 1981. Though EViews was developed by economists with an emphasis on time series analysis, there is nothing in its design that limits its usefulness to economic time series.
EViews provides convenient visual ways to enter data series from the keyboard or from files, to create new series from existing ones, to display and print series, and to carry out statistical analysis of the relationships among series.
EViews takes advantage of the visual features of modern Windows software. You can use your mouse to guide the operation with standard Windows menus and dialogs, and capture those operations for later use. Results appear in windows and can be manipulated with standard techniques.