Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Link
Create a series link object.
Declares a link object which may be used to refer to data in a series contained in a different workfile page. Links are used to create automatically updating match merges using identifier series or using dates (frequency conversion).
link link_name
link link_name.linkto(options) link specification
Follow the link keyword with the name to be given to the link object. If desired, you may combine the declaration with the Link::linkto proc in order to provide a full link specification.
link mylink
creates the link MYLINK with no link specification, while,
link l1.linkto(c=obs,nacat) indiv\x @src ind1 ind2 @dest ind1 ind2
combines the link declaration with the link specification step.
For a discussion of linking, see “Series Links”.
See also Link::linkto and unlink.