Command Reference : Matrix Language Reference
Number of columns in matrix object, series, or group.
When assigning to a matrix object:
Syntax: @columns(m)
m: matrix, vector, sym, series, group
Return: integer
When assigning to a series:
Syntax: @columns(m)
m: group
Return: integer
matrix m1 = @mnrnd(10, 3)
scalar sc2 = @columns(m1)
assigns the value 3 to the scalar object SC2.
series q = nrnd
group mygrp q r s t
vector g = @fill(@rows(q), @columns(mygrp))
creates a two-element vector G containing the number of rows of Q and the number of series in MYGRP.
series h = r / @columns(mygrp)
creates the series H equal to the series R divided by the number of series in the group MYGRP.
See also @rows.