Command Reference : Matrix Language Reference
Matrix of vector of ones.
Syntax: @ones(n1, n2)
n1: integer
n2: integer
Return: matrix, vector
Creates a matrix or vector filled with the value 1. The size of the created matrix is given by the integers n1 (number of rows) and n2 (number of columns).
matrix m1 = @ones(3,2)
creates M1, a matrix of ones.
sym s1 = @ones(5, 5)
sym s2 = @unvech(@ones(5*6/2))
create symmetric matrices of ones, while
vector v1 = @ones(18)
is an element vector ones, and
matrix k4 = @kronecker(@fill(1, 2, 3), @ones(4, 4))
generates the matrix formed by taking the Kronecker product of the 3 element vector and the matrix of ones.
See also @unitvector, @identity and @zeros.