Command Reference : Matrix Language Reference
Vector of sequential integers.
Syntax: @range(n1, n2)
n1: integer
n2: integer
Return: vector
Returns a vector holding the sequential integers staring at n1 and ending at n2.
vector r1 = @range(1, 10)
create a vector containing sequential integers from 1 to 10.
vector r2 = @range(10, -3)
creates a vector containing integers starting at 10 and continuing to -3.
matrix m1a = m1.@sub(@range(3, m1.@rows), @range(2, m1.@cols))
extracts a submatrix from M1 containing starting at row 3 and column 2 and continuing to the end of the matrix.
matrix m1b = m1.@sub(@range(3, 7), @range(2, 4))
extracts a submatrix from M1 from row 3 to 7 and column 2 to 4.
See also @seq.