Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Rowvector
Declare a rowvector object.
The rowvector command declares and optionally initializes a rowvector object.
rowvector(n1) rowvector_name
rowvector rowvector_name=assignment
You may optionally specify the size (number of columns) of the rowvector in parentheses after the rowvector keyword. If you do not specify the size, EViews creates a rowvector of size 1, unless the declaration is combined with an assignment.
By default, all elements of the rowvector are set to 0, unless an assignment statement is provided. EViews will automatically resize new rowvectors, if appropriate.
rowvector rvec1
rowvector(20) coefvec = 2
rowvector newcoef = coefvec
RVEC1 is a rowvector of size one with value 0. COEFVEC is a rowvector of size 20 with all elements equal to 2. NEWCOEF is also a rowvector of size 20 with all elements equal to the same values as COEFVEC.
See also Coef::coef and Vector::vector.