User’s Guide : Extending EViews : Create Your Own Estimator
Create Your Own Estimator
EViews provides two methods for creating your own estimators using built-in EViews functionality: the log-likelihood (logl) object, and the optimize command. (Note that you may also use the COM connection to R and MATLAB discussed below to extend EViews using any of the estimation techniques available in those packages).
The logl object provides you with a general tool for estimating a broad class of specifications by maximizing a likelihood function with respect to parameters. You may use EViews’ wide range of series generation capabilities to describe the log likelihood contribution of each observation in your sample as a function of unknown parameters, and use the logl to optimize with respect to the parameters.
For details, see “The Log Likelihood (LogL) Object”.
The optimize command provides tools that allow you to find the optimal parameters or control values of a general user-defined function. Notably, optimize supports quite general functions so that the computations and the user-defined objective need not be series-based
For details, see “User-Defined Optimization”.