User’s Guide : Basic Data Analysis : Series
EViews provides various statistical graphs, descriptive statistics, and procedures as views and procedures of a numeric series. Once you have read or generated data into series objects using any of the methods described in “Basic Data Handling,” “Working with Data,” and “EViews Databases,” you are ready to perform statistical and graphical analysis using the data contained in the series.
Series views compute various statistics for a single series and display these statistics in various forms such as spreadsheets, tables, and graphs. The views range from a simple line graph, to kernel density estimators. Series procedures create new series from the data in existing series. These procedures include various seasonal adjustment methods, exponential smoothing methods, and the Hodrick-Prescott filter.
The group object is used when working with more than one series at the same time. Methods which involve groups are described in “Groups”.
To access the views and procedures for series, open the series window by double clicking on the series name in the workfile, or by typing show followed by the name of the series in the command window.