User’s Guide : Customizing Output : Spool Objects : Saving a Spool
Saving a Spool
You may save the contents of a spool object to disk. Click on Proc/Save spool to disk... to display the save dialog.
The File type drop-down menu may be used to change between saving a Comma Separated Value (*.csv), Text (*.txt), Rich Text Format (*.rtf), Portable Document Format (*.pdf), LaTeX (*.tex), or Markdown (*.md) file. Note that if you specify a CSV or text file, any graphs in the spool will not be written to the file.
In the top portion of the dialog, you may provide the name of the file you wish to create. EViews will automatically append an extension of the proper type to the name and will prepend the default path if an explicit path is not provided.
The Object labels section of dialog may be used to specify whether the titles and comments should be written to the output file. By default, neither titles nor comments are saved in the output file.
For LaTeX output, you have the additional option to output full LaTeX document specification. Alternatively, you can disable the Include document specification option and the minimal amount of code will be generated for you to insert into your preexisting document.
The MD (Markdown) setting uses very basic syntax and should be usable in most editors.