Command Reference : String and Date Function Reference
Sample observation to date.
Syntax: @otods(n)
n: integer
Return: string
Returns a string containing the date or observation corresponding to observation number n, counted from the beginning of the current workfile sample.
EViews will use the global default settings for the Month/Day order in dates to determine the ordering of days and months in the resulting date string.
string dt = @otods(2)
will return the date associated with the second observation in the current sample. Note that if n is negative, or is greater than the number of observations in the current sample, an empty string will be returned.
If the series DSER contains integer sample observation numbers,
alpha aser = @otods(dser)
fills ASER with string dates corresponding to the given numbers for each observation in the workfile sample.
If DVEC is a vector containing integer observation numbers, the command
vector avec = @otods(dvec)
fills AVEC with the date strings corresponding to the workfile observation numbers in DVEC.
See also @otod and @dtoo.