Command Reference : String and Date Function Reference
Remove paired double-quotation marks surrounding string.
Syntax: @stripquotes(str)
str: string
Return: string
Returns the contents of the string str with double-quotation marks stripped from both the left and the right ends with leading and trailing whitespace ignored. If a double-quote is present on only the left or right end, the double-quote will be retained.
string s1 = """Chicken Marsala"""
so that S1 contains the quoted string “"Chicken Marsala"”.
Then the commands
string sq1 = @stripquotes("""Chicken Marsala""")
string sq2 = @stripquotes(s1)
create SQ1 and SQ2 which contain the un-quoted string “Chicken Marsala”.
If ALPHA1 is an alpha series, the command
alpha a1 = @stripquotes(alpha1)
fills A1 with strip-quoted values of ALPHA1 for each observation in the workfile sample.
If AVEC1 is an svector, the commands
svector as1 = @stripquotes(avec1)
svector as2 = @stripquotes(avec1.@rows(@fill(1, 3, 5))
create svectors AS1 and AS2, where AS1 contains double-quoted values of AVEC1, and AS2 contains double-quoted values of the rows 1, 3, and 5 of AVEC1.
See also @addquotes, @stripcommas, and @stripparens.