Command Reference : String and Date Function Reference
Convert time in source time zone to destination time.
Syntax: @tz((srctime, srctzone, destzone)
srctime: date number
srctzone: string
destzone: string
Return: date number
Converts a point in time srctime from the source time zone srctzone into the corresponding time in the destination time zone destzone.
The srctzone and destzone strings can either contain raw time zone information in the format returned by @tzspec or they can contain search text (such as a city name) found within one of the time zone descriptions returned by the function @tzlist.
series localtime = @tz(utctime, "London", "Sydney")
converts a series containing time values in London local time into equivalent local time values in Sydney.
See “Dates” and “Event Functions” for related discussion.
See also the related time zone functions @utc, @localt, @tzlist, and @tzspec.