Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : System
Append a specification line to a system.
system_name.append text
Type the text to be added after the append keyword.
system macro1
macro1.append cons=c(1)+c(2)*gdp+c(3)*cons(-1)
macro1.append inv=c(4)+c(5)*tb3+c(6)*d(gdp)
macro1.append gdp=cons+inv+gov
macro1.append inst tb3 gov cons(-1) gdp(-1)
show macro1.results
The first line declares a system. The next three lines append the specification of each endogenous variable in the system. The fifth line appends the list of instruments to be used in estimation. The last two lines estimate the model by GMM and display the estimation results.
For details, see “How to Create and Specify a System”.