Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Table
Declare a table object.
The table command declares and optionally sizes a table object. When used as a table view, table displays the contents of the table.
table(rows, cols) table_name
The table command takes two optional arguments specifying the row and column dimension of the table, and is followed by the name you wish to give the matrix. If no sizing information is provided, the table will contain a single cell.
You may also include an assignment in the sym command. The symmetric matrix will be resized, if necessary. Once declared, symmetric matrices may be resized by repeating the sym command with new dimensions.
The table view displays the contents of the table. It is a synonym for sheet.
table onelement
declares a one element table
table(10,5) outtable
creates a table OUTTABLE with 10 rows and 5 columns.
See also freeze and Table::sheet.
For additional discussion of table commands see “Working with Tables and Spreadsheets”.
See “Table and Text Objects” for a general discussion and examples of table formatting in EViews.