User’s Guide : Basic Single Equation Analysis : Specification and Diagnostic Tests
Specification and Diagnostic Tests
Empirical research is usually an interactive process. The process begins with a specification of the relationship to be estimated. Selecting a specification usually involves several choices: the variables to be included, the functional form connecting these variables, and if the data are time series, the dynamic structure of the relationship between the variables.
Inevitably, there is uncertainty regarding the appropriateness of this initial specification. Once you estimate your equation, EViews provides tools for evaluating the quality of your specification along a number of dimensions. In turn, the results of these tests influence the chosen specification, and the process is repeated.
This chapter describes the extensive menu of specification test statistics that are available as views or procedures of an equation object. While we attempt to provide you with sufficient statistical background to conduct the tests, practical considerations ensure that many of the descriptions are incomplete. We refer you to standard statistical and econometric references for further details.