Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Text
Appends text or a text file to the end of a text object.
There are different forms of the command, with the syntax depending on whether you are appending a line of text or the contents of a text file to the end of the text object.
text_name.append“text to append”
text_name.append(file) [path\]file_name
Specify the literal text or file name after the append keyword.
tt1.append "Add this to the end"
appends the text “Add this to the end” at the end of the text object TT1.
To include quotes in the string, use the quote escape sequence, or double quotes:
tt1.append """This is a quoted string"""
appends “This is a quoted string”.
You may also use curly braces with a string object:
string s = """This is a quoted string"""
tt1.append {s}
appends “This is a quoted string”.
tt1.append(file) c:\myfile\file.txt
appends the contents of the text file “File.TXT” to the text object.
See also Text::clear.