Command Reference : User Objects
User Objects
As the name suggests, the EViews user object allows you to create your own object types inside of EViews. A user object may be as simple as a storage container for other EViews objects, or it may be a sophisticated new estimation object defined by multiple EViews programs, with views containing post-estimation tests and results, and procedures producing output from the estimation results. Once defined, a user object is almost indistinguishable from a built-in EViews object.
Defining a user object is quite easy—simply specify the types of data and objects stored inside your object, and if desired, define a set of views and procedures that be accessed via commands, menus and dialogs.
Even if you do not go to the trouble of creating your own objects, you may take advantage of this powerful tool by using user objects downloaded from the S&P EViews website or obtained from third-parties.