User’s Guide : EViews Fundamentals : Workfile Basics : Loading a Workfile
Loading a Workfile
You can use File/Open/EViews Workfile… to load into memory a previously saved workfile. You may also drag-and-drop the workfile onto your EViews workspace. You will typically save a workfile containing all of your data and results at the end of the day, and later load the workfile to pick up where you left off.
When you select File/Open/EViews Workfile… you will see a standard Windows file dialog. Simply navigate to the appropriate directory and double click on the name of the workfile to load it into RAM. The workfile window will open and all of the objects in the workfile will immediately be available.
For convenience, EViews keeps a record of the most recently used files at the bottom of the File menu. Select an entry and it will be opened in EViews.
The current version of EViews can read workfiles from all previous versions of EViews. Due to changes in the program, however, some objects may be modified when they are read into the current version.