Command Reference : Add-ins : What is an Add-in?
What is an Add-in?
Fundamentally, an Add-in is simply an EViews program that is integrated into the EViews menus and command line, allowing you to execute the program using the menus or user-defined command. In this regard, any EViews program can be used as the basis of an Add-in.
More specifically, the Add-ins infrastructure lets you:
add entries to EViews global or object-specific menus to offer point-and-click execution of the Add-in program.
specify a user-defined single-word global or object-specific command which may be used to run the Add-in program.
display Add-in output in standard EViews object windows.
For example, suppose you have created a program to implement an econometric procedure that prompts the user for needed input. You may turn this program into an EViews Add-in that may be run by selecting a menu item or typing a command. Lastly, the Add-in might display the output in the window of an existing EViews object.