Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Coef
Display name for a coefficient vector.
Attaches a display name to a coef object which may be used to label output in tables and graphs in place of the standard coef object name.
coef_name.displayname display_name
Display names are case-sensitive, and may contain a variety of characters, such as spaces, that are not allowed in coef object names.
c1.displayname Hours Worked
The first line attaches a display name “Hours Worked” to the coef object C1, and the second line displays the label view of C1, including its display name.
c1.displayname Means by State
plot c1
The first line attaches a display name “Means by State” to the coef C1. The line graph view of C1 will use the display name as the legend.
See “Labeling Objects” for a discussion of labels and display names. See also Coef::label.