Command Reference : Command Reference
Display a Haver Analytics database series description.
hlabel reads the description of a series from a Haver Analytics Database and displays it on the status line at the bottom of the EViews window. Use this command to verify the contents of a Haver database series name.
You must have a Haver Analytics database installed on your computer to use this feature.
hlabel(database_name) series_name
hlabel, if issued alone on a command line, will bring up a Haver dialog box which has fields for entering both the database name and the series names to be examined. If you provide the database name in parentheses after the hlabel command, EViews will read the database and find the key information about the series in question, such as the start date, end date, frequency, and description. This information is displayed in the status line at the bottom of the EViews window. Note that the database_name should refer to the full path to the Haver database but need not be specified if a default database has been specified in HAVERDIR.INI.
If several series names are placed on the line, hlabel will gather the information about each of them, but the information display may scroll by so fast that only the last will be visible.
hlabel(c:\data\us1) pop
displays the description of the series POP in the US1 database.
See “EViews Databases” for a discussion of EViews and Haver databases.
See also hfetch and hconvert.