Command Reference : Command Reference
Fetch a series from a Haver Analytics database into a workfile.
hfetch reads one or more series from a Haver Analytics Database into the active workfile. You must have a Haver Analytics database installed on your computer to use this feature.
hfetch(database_name) series_name
hfetch, if issued alone on a command line, will bring up a Haver dialog box which has fields for entering both the database name and the series names to be fetched. If you provide the database name (including the full path) in parentheses after the hfetch command, EViews will read the database and copy the series requested into the current workfile. It will also display information about the series on the status line. The database name is optional if a default database has been specified.
hfetch can read multiple series with a single command. List the series names, each separated by a space.
hfetch(c:\data\us1) pop gdp xyz
reads the series POP, GDP, and XYZ from the US1 database into the current active workfile, performing frequency conversions if necessary.
See also “EViews Databases” for a discussion of EViews and Haver databases. Additional information on EViews frequency conversion is provided in “Frequency Conversion”.
See also dbcreate, db, hconvert and hlabel.