Command Reference : Command Reference
Save the current EViews global options settings “.INI” files into a directory.
optsave directory
Save a copy of the current global options settings into the specified directory. Usually this command will be used in conjuncture with a later use of the optset command. Any existing option settings in the directory will be overwritten.
“General Options” and “Graphics Defaults” will always be saved. “Database registry settings” and “Database object aliases” will only be saved if the file location setting for the “Database Registry” and “Alias Map Path” is the same as the file location of the INI File Path.
If the directory name is omitted, the option settings currently in effect will be used to replace the default global options. (This can be used to copy option settings back into your default settings after the optset command has switched to using options in a different directory).
Note that this command does not change which set of options are active. You must follow this command with the optset command if you would like to switch to using the saved copy as your active set of options.
See Appendix A. “Global Options” for discussion of the global options.
See also optset.