Command Reference : Command Reference
Replace the current EViews global options settings “.INI” files with ones based in a different directory.
optset directory
Temporarily switch to using the global options settings stored within “.INI” files in the specified directory. These will typically have been previously saved by using the optsave command.
“General Options” and “Graphics Defaults” will always be switched. “Database registry settings” and Database object aliases” will only be switched if the file location setting for the “Database Registry” and “Alias Map Path” is the same as the file location of the INI File Path.
The new options will stay in effect until EViews is restarted or until the optset command is executed again with a different directory. After the optset command has been issued, changing settings using the Options menu will modify settings in the new directory.
If the directory name is omitted, the global options settings will be reset to use the settings from the default location (the same as restarting EViews).
Note that you can use the command “optset .\” in a program to switch to using the global options saved in the same directory as the program file. This can be used to ensure that multiple users always use the same global options settings when running a shared program.
See Appendix A. “Global Options” for discussion of the global options.
See also optsave.