Command Reference : Command Reference
Set width of a column of a table.
Provided for backward compatibility. See Table::setwidth for the new method of setting the width of table and spreadsheet columns.
setcolwidth(table_name, c, width)
To change the width of a column, provide the following information in parentheses, in the following order: the name of the table, the column number c, and the number of characters width for the new width. EViews measures units in terms of the width of a numeric character. Because different characters have different widths, the actual number of characters that will fit may differ slightly from the number you specify. By default, each column is approximately 10 characters wide.
sets the second column of table MYTAB to fit approximately 20 characters.
“Working with Tables and Spreadsheets” describes table formatting using commands. See also “Table Objects” for a discussion and examples of table formatting in EViews.
Note that this command is supported primarily for backward compatibility. There is a more extensive set of table procs for working with and customizing tables. See “Table Procs”.
See also Table::setwidth and Table::setheight.