Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Equation
Make a group containing individual series which hold the derivatives of the equation specification.
equation_name.makederivs(options) [ser1 ser2 ...]
If desired, enclose the name of a new group object to hold the series in parentheses following the command name.
The argument specifying the names of the series is also optional. If not provided, EViews will name the series “DERIV##” where ## is a number such that “DERIV##” is the next available unused name. If the names are provided, the number of names must match the number of target series.
names must match the number of target series.
Name of group object to contain the series.
creates a group named OUT containing series named DERIV01, DERIV02, and DERIV03.
eq1.makederivs(n=out) d1 d2 d3
creates the same group, but names the series D1, D2 and D3.
See “State Space Models and the Kalman Filter” for details on state space estimation.
See also Equation::derivs, Equation::grads, Equation::makegrads.