User’s Guide : Advanced Multivariate Analysis : Factor Analysis : Factor Data Members
Factor Data Members
The factor object provides a number of views for examining the results of factor estimation and rotation. In addition to these views, EViews provides a number of object data members which allow you direct access to results.
For example, if you have an estimated factor object, FACT1, you may save the unique variance estimates in a vector in the workfile using the command:
vector unique = fact1.@unique
The corresponding loadings may be saved by entering:
matrix load = fact1.@loadings
The rotated loadings may be accessed by:
matrix rload = fact1.@rloadings
The fitted and residuals matrices may be obtained by entering:
sym fitted = fact1.@fitted
sym resid = fact1.@resid
For a full list of the factor object data members, see “Factor Data Members”.