Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Graph
Enable/disable individual boxplot elements.
graph_name.setbpelem element_list
The element_list may contain one or more of the following:
median, med / -median, -med
[Show / Do not show] the medians.
mean / -mean
[Show / Do not show] the means.
whiskers, w /
-whiskers, -w
[Show / Do not show] the whiskers (lines from the box to the staples).
staples, s
/ -staples, -s
[Show / Do not show] the staples (lines drawn at the last data point within the inner fences).
near / -near
[Show /Do not show] the near outliers (values between the inner and outer fences).
far / -far
[Show / Do not show] the far outliers (values beyond the outer fences).
width(arg) (default =“fixed”)
Set the width settings for the boxplots, where arg is one of: “fixed” (uniform width), “n” (proportional to sample size), “rootn” (proportional to the square root of sample size).
ci(arg) (default= “shade”)
Set the display method for the median confidence intervals, where arg is one of: “none” (do not display), “shade” (shaded intervals), “notch” (notched intervals).
graph01.setbpelem -far width(n) ci(notch)
hides the far outliers, sets the box widths proportional to the number of observations, and enables notching of the confidence intervals.
See “Boxplot” for a description of boxplots.
See Graph::setelem to modify line and symbol attributes. See also Graph::options and Graph::axis.