Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Graph
Set the font for text in the graph.
graph_name.setfont font_args
The font_args may include one or more of the following:
type([face], [pt], [+/- b], [+/- i], [+/- u], [+/- s])
Set characteristics of the font for the graph element type. The font name (face), size (pt), and characteristics are all optional. face should be a valid font name, enclosed in double quotes. pt should be the font size in points. The remaining options specify whether to turn on/off boldface (b), italic (i), underline (u), and strikeout (s) styles.
and type is one of “all”, “axes”, “legend”, “text”, “obs”, where “axes” refers to the axes labels, “legend” refers to the graph legend, “text” refers to the added text, “obs” refers to the observation scale, and “all” refers to all of the elements.
mygraph.setfont axes("Times", 20, b)
sets the font to Times, 20pt, bold for all of the graph elements.
mygraph.setfont text("Arial") legend("Helvetica")
sets the added text font to Arial and the legend font to Helvetica.
See “Graph Objects” for a discussion of graph options.
See also Graph::datelabel, Graph::axis, Graph::options and Graph::setelem.