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Set the update state of a graph object.
graph_name.setupdate(options) [sample]
Follow the name of the graph with a period, the keyword setupdate, and the update setting.
Optionally, include a sample with the “manual” or “automatic” options to restrict updates to data changes made within the sample period. If you do not include a sample, updates will occur according to changes in the workfile sample.
“off” or “o”
Turn updating off.
“manual” or “m”
Update when requested (with the Graph::update command), or when the graph type is changed.
“auto” or “a”
Update whenever the update condition is met. If a sample is specified, an update will occur when data changes within the sample. If no sample is specified, updates will occur when data or the workfile sample changes.
This command turns off updating for graph GR1.
turns on automatic updating for graph GR1, according to the workfile sample. Whenever the underlying data or the workfile sample changes, GR1 will be updated with the changes.
gr2.setupdate(m) 1992 1993
turns on manual updating for graph GR2, for the sample period 1992 to 1993. When the graph is manually updated, using the update command, changes in data between 1992 and 1993 will be updated.
See “Graph Objects” for a discussion of graph updating options.
See Graph::update.