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Graph Creation Command Summary
The following view commands may be used to display graphs of various EViews data objects:
area area graph.
band area band graph.
bar bar graph.
boxplot boxplot graph.
bubble bubble graph.
bubbletrip bubble triplet graph.
distplot distribution graph.
dot dot plot graph.
errbar error bar graph.
hilo high-low(-open-close) graph.
line line-symbol graph.
mixed mixed-type graph.
pie pie chart.
qqplot quantile-quantile graph.
scat scatterplot.
scatmat matrix of scatterplots.
scatpair scatterplot pairs graph.
seasplot seasonal line graph.
spike spike graph.
xyarea XY area graph.
xybar XY bar graph.
xyerrbar XY error bar graph.
xyline XY line graph.
xypair XY line pairs graph.