Object Reference : Graph Creation Commands
Display a bubble triplet plot.
Groups should contain series in multiples of three (triplets). Series not part of a triplet will be ignored. The first series of each triplet will be plotted on the horizontal axis. The second series of the triplet will be plotted on the vertical axis. The last series of the triplet will be used to determine the size of the bubbles.
Multiple Series Triplet Options
Place bubble plots in multiple graphs. (for groups containing more than two triplets or six series).
group g1 x1 ser1 z1 x2 ser2 z2
defines a group G1 containing the two triplets or six series X1, SER1, Z1 and X2, SER2, Z2. It then plots a bubble graph X1 vs SER1, where Z1 is the bubble size, and X2 vs SER2, where Z2 is the bubble size.
See “Graphing Data” for a detailed discussion of graphs in EViews, and “Templates” for a discussion of graph templates.
See Graph::Graph for graph declaration and other graph types.