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Compute frequency tables.
When used with a group containing a single series, freq performs a one-way frequency tabulation. The options allow you to control binning (grouping) of observations.
When used with a group containing multiple series, freq produces an N-way frequency tabulation for all of the series in the group.
Options common to both one-way and N-way frequency tables
dropna (default) / keepna
[Drop/Keep] NA as a category.
v=integer (default=100)
Make bins if the number of distinct values or categories exceeds the specified number.
Do not make bins on the basis of number of distinct values; ignored if you set “v=integer.”
a=number (default=2)
Make bins if average count per distinct value is less than the specified number.
Do not make bins on the basis of average count; ignored if you set “a=number.”
b=integer (default=5)
Maximum number of categories to bin into.
n, obs, count (default)
Display frequency counts.
Do not display frequency counts.
Remove protections on total number of cells.
Force the dialog to appear from within a program.
Print the table.
Options for one-way tables
total (default) / nototal
[Display / Do not display] totals.
pct (default) / nopct
[Display / Do not display] percent frequencies.
cum (default) / nocum
(Display/Do not) display cumulative frequency counts/percentages.
Options for N-way tables
table (default)
Display in table mode.
Display in list mode.
rowm (default) / norowm
[Display / Do not display] row marginals.
colm (default) / nocolm
[Display / Do not display] column marginals.
tabm (default) / notabm
[Display / Do not display] table marginals—only for more than two series.
subm (default) / nosubm
[Display / Do not display] sub marginals—only for “l” option with more than two series.
full (default) / sparse
(Full/Sparse) tabulation in list display.
totpct / nototpct (default)
[Display / Do not display] percentages of total observations.
tabpct / notabpct (default)
[Display / Do not display] percentages of table observations—only for more than two series.
rowpct / norowpct (default)
[Display / Do not display] percentages of row total.
colpct / nocolpct (default)
[Display / Do not display] percentages of column total.
exp / noexp (default)
[Display / Do not display] expected counts under full independence.
tabexp / notabexp (default)
[Display / Do not display] expected counts under table independence—only for more than two series.
test (default) / notest
[Display / Do not display] tests of independence.
group g1 hrs
tabulates each value (no binning) of HRS in ascending order with counts, percentages, and cumulatives.
group g2 inc
tabulates INC excluding NAs. The observations will be binned if INC has more than 20 distinct values; EViews will create at most 10 equal width bins. The number of bins may be smaller than specified.
group labor lwage gender race
displays tables of LWAGE against GENDER for each bin/value of RACE.
See “One-Way Tabulation” and “N-Way Tabulation” for a discussion of frequency tables.