User’s Guide : Advanced Single Equation Analysis : The Log Likelihood (LogL) Object : LogL Views
LogL Views
Likelihood Specification: displays the window where you specify and edit the likelihood specification.
Estimation Output: displays the estimation results obtained from maximizing the likelihood function.
Covariance Matrix: displays the estimated covariance matrix of the parameter estimates. These are computed from the inverse of the sum of the outer product of the first derivatives evaluated at the optimum parameter values. To save this covariance matrix as a symmetric matrix object, you may use the @coefcov data member.
Wald Coefficient Tests…: performs the Wald coefficient restriction test. See “Wald Test (Coefficient Restrictions)”, for a discussion of Wald tests.
Gradients: displays view of the gradients (first derivatives) of the log likelihood at the current parameter values (if the model has not yet been estimated), or at the converged parameter values (if the model has been estimated). These views may prove to be useful diagnostic tools if you are experiencing problems with convergence.
Check Derivatives: displays the values of the numeric derivatives and analytic derivatives (if available) at the starting values (if a @param statement is included), or at current parameter values (if there is no @param statement).